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5 Easy Ways to Sell Drop Ship Products

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Without sales, no business can thrive or survive. When it comes to e-commerce and selling drop ship products, the internet is your main ally.

There are many different ways to get your products out there and in front of customers, some more effective than others. In this post, you’ll uncover 5 proven ways to start selling drop ship products like hot cakes on a cold day.

Get Your Own eBay Shop

eBay is the most popular platform of choice when it comes to selling products. It’s no secret that the e-commerce giant has millions and millions of buyers. However, one of the biggest downsides to selling on eBay is the fees.

Thankfully, by opening your own eBay shop for a fixed monthly cost, you can significantly minimise the fees you’ll pay. With a shop, not only will you be able to list a set number of items for free each month but you’ll also benefit from lower listing fees once you use up your initial freebies.

The amount of free listings you will get depends on the level you subscribe to. A basic shop will set you back about £18 ($30) per month which is a fairly reasonable price.

Having your own shop also comes with many other benefits including the ability to list items on a ‘’good until cancelled’’ basis. Good until cancelled listings remain on the marketplace until the product sells.

The other awesome thing about eBay is that drop shipping is completely allowed.

However, keep in mind, eBay has strict seller performance targets that need to be met. Therefore, using a good supplier is crucial. The last thing you want is customers opening cases against you or leaving negative feedbacks if they don’t receive their items, or if the goods arrive not as described e.g faulty.

Sell On Amazon

If you thought eBay was the biggest player in the e-commerce marketplace industry, you can think again. Believe it or not but Amazon is much bigger than eBay and has a hell of a lot more buyers. Amazon also has less sellers which ultimately means less competition and more opportunity.

Amazon also has no selling limits or listing fees so you can literally list as many products as you want and it won’t cost you anything. Monthly membership options are available which come with the benefit of lower end fees on sold items.

If you’re not selling your drop ship products on Amazon then you’re missing out on a ton of sales, period.

The listing process works significantly different from eBay, however the concept remains the same. You list your goods and the buyers purchase them using a credit or debit card. Amazon will then pay you directly into your bank account.

Use Other Selling Platforms

If you want to maximise your sales, taking advantage of other smaller selling platforms can help you to do this. Website like Etsy, Ebid and Bonanza are not nearly as big as the two giants talked about in the last steps, however they could bring in those extra sales for you each month. It’s certainly worth at least listing the goods.

Start a Facebook Page

Facebook literally has billions of users and over the last year or so, they have released some awesome new features that accommodate more for ecommerce businesses. Setting up your own Facebook page is a smart move to make.

Build up your own network of followers and offer them exclusive promotions and discounts. Always share new products that you have recently listed for sale on your page and try to engage with potential customers.

You could even go down the route of paying to promote your page’s posts, something that will help you to sky rocket your number of followers for a very low cost.

Build Your Own Website

Last but in no means least is selling drop ship products through your own website. This one takes a lot more time and effort but its well worth it in the end and it helps you to solidify your business for the long term.

Even though platforms like eBay and Amazon are great for pulling in the sales quickly, it’s important to remember that they have full control over your business. With your own website on the other hand, you’re the one in control.

You don’t need to worry about getting suspended if customers open claims against you and you certainly don’t need to worry about limits. You also benefit from not having to pay hefty fees which results in more profits in your own pocket.

Building your own website is not something I recommend doing in the beginning. However, after you establish yourself and get the profits rolling in, investing them in your own website is a good idea. [/su_note]

In conclusion, these 5 simple ways to start selling drop ship products are easy to implement but at the same time, highly effective. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by investing all of your time on one specific method. Branch out to maximise your sales and exposure.

List on both eBay and Amazon, look into other selling platforms, share your products on social media and consider going down the route of setting up your own website. If you’re serious about turning drop shipping into a full time long term business, you need to be willing to go that extra mile.

That’s it for this post but stay tuned for more tips, tricks and training.

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