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The 5 Essentials to Look for in a Drop Ship Service

These days, many companies go down the route of offering a drop shipping service to resellers and business owners. It’s no surprise either, offering such a service can significantly boost sales, and profits for a business.

However, it’s fair to say some companies get in wrong by not adequately tailoring the service towards the drop shippers need.

In this article, I’m going to reveal the 5 essentials to look for in a company that offers a drop shipping service. Essentials that must be in place if you want to build a successful business.

Fast Order Process

Fast processing of orders is essential in any e-commerce business. However, it’s particularly important when drop shipping. When a sale comes in on Tuesday, you might not get around to placing the order with the supplier until Wednesday. This one day gap can cause significant delays if your supplier doesn’t package and ship items quickly. A standard 1-2 day dispatch time is reasonable enough.

Adequate Packaging

To prevent items from being damaged during transit, adequate packaging is required. This includes ensuring that bubble-wrap is used when necessary, and fragile items are given extra packaging protection. Ask the company you plan on sourcing items from what type of packaging they use, or better yet, test for yourself by purchasing something.

No Paperwork

Although it may seem obvious for a company that offers a drop shipping service to send their items without paperwork, however, some still send promotional materials such as flyers or business cards. This could confuse your customer and have them questioning where the item came from. It could also result in your customer going direct to the supplier in future.

Quality Control Checks

Quality control checks, including spot checks and random testing will prevent damaged, defective or faulty items from being dispatched in the first place. Most companies do quality control checks as standard, but it’s always worth pinging over a quick message to ask and make sure.

Fair Refund & Returns Policy

A fair returns & refund policy is probably the most important necessity to look for in a drop shipping service. Some drop ship companies have a short window for returns, some also charge restocking fees. This makes it impossible to sell on a platform like Amazon where 30 day returns are mandatory.

The Conclusion

When looking into a company that offers a drop shipping service, make sure they dispatch items within 1-2 days, use effective packaging, send the items without paperwork, conduct frequent quality control checks and offer a fair returns policy.

Ensure that these 5 essentials are in place and you’ll minimise complaints, negative feedbacks, disputes and cases. One of the best ways to test a supplier is by purchasing an item for yourself first, before trusting the supplier to ship direct to your customers.

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