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How to Find Legitimate Drop Shipping Sources in 3 Steps

Finding legitimate drop shipping sources to start trading with is an often difficult and time consuming task. With so many websites, blogs and forums out there, you’ve probably found yourself overloaded with information and quite frankly, on the verge of tearing your hair out.

Without the backing of a reliable drop shipping supplier to source quality goods from, your dream of running a flourishing online e-commerce business will remain as exactly that – just a dream.

Luckily for you, in this short and straight to the point article, I’m going to reveal 3 simple and easy ways to find legitimate drop shipping sources. Sources that you can immediately start trading with and more importantly, rely on.

Use a Wholesale Directory

To fast track your way to finding a supplier, consider going down the route of using one of the many online based supplier directories. Complete with lists of often thousands of suppliers from locations all over the world, directories are a sure fire way to find a suitable company to work with.

All it takes is one quick Google search to find a ton of directories to get stuck into. Word of warning though, some directories may charge membership fees and they don’t always deliver on their promises. Therefore, make sure you do your due diligence before getting your credit card out and paying any kind of fee.

Go to Trade Shows

Trade shows are one of best ways to find legitimate drop shipping sources. Unlike directories where the suppliers can hide behind the other side of the PC screen, trade shows lay everything bare.

They give you the opportunity to not only speak to the faces behind the company but also test and try out their products first hand. Trade shows also give you the chance to do some one on one negotiating and possibly lock in lower prices on specific products.

Again, a quick Google search will pull up a list of wholesale trade shows happening in or around your local area.

Go Old-School – Search Manually

To this day, doing some good old fashioned manual searching still remains the best way to find drop shipping sources. Searching yourself does’t cost anything anything, and you’ll get the chance to find those little known companies that aren’t listed in directories and have minimal competition. Search Google, check forums and read blogs. Your idea supplier could be just around the corner.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, finding a drop shipping source is the first step towards turning your drop ship dream into a reality. These 3 simple methods have hopefully made a stressful process a lot simpler. You know where to start and which directions you can take. Whether it’s a directory, trade shows or manually searching, go that extra mile to find your perfect supplier and you’ll have your drop ship business off to a flying start in no time.

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