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How to Find Wholesale Suppliers

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Whether you want to start an eBay business, or open your own brick and mortar retail store, finding a wholesale supplier is the first and most important step. However, it’s a step that can often be time consuming and stressful, particularly for someone who doesn’t know where to start.

Luckily, I’m about to simplify things by revealing 6 easy ways to find a wholesale supplier for your business.

Go Direct to the Manufacturer

What better place to start than at the top? If you know what type of products you want sell, contact the manufacturers directly. The brand is often the manufacturer of the product e.g. Apple is the manufacturer of the iPhone. If you find their minimum order requirements out of reach or if for some reason they are unwilling to deal with you directly, ask for a list of the distributors they do deal with. You can then reach out to those distributors individually.

Ultimately, you’ll either end up sealing a deal with the manufacturer themselves, or you’ll get the next best thing – a list of their most trusted distributors to start contacting. Naturally, the more people you cut out from the distribution chain, the lower your cost per unit will be.

Search on Google

Although it may seem like an obvious one, Google is an often overlooked option when it comes to finding wholesale suppliers. However, you have to think outside of the box. Don’t make the mistake of simply searching for ‘’wholesale suppliers’’ or you’ll quickly find yourself sifting through thousands of results.

Instead, try to pinpoint the type of supplier you’re actually looking for. Search for the phrase ‘’wholesale’’ and add the keywords of your target niche. For example ‘’wholesale Bluetooth speakers uk’’ or ‘’wholesale women’s clothing usa’’ and so forth.

It won’t take long to find suitable suppliers. Just make sure you dive deep into the results. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers and wholesalers to have under established websites, they tend not to rely on search engines to attract business. Therefore, you’ll need to go beyond the results of page one to find them.

Use a B2B Marketplace

Websites such as Alibaba, Global Sources and DhGate can be extremely useful when it comes to finding wholesale suppliers. These business to business trading platforms were designed with the sole purpose to connect manufacturers and wholesalers with buyers.

Although they mostly contain China based suppliers, you’ll easily find reputable companies with quality products and great prices in quick fashion.

Join Online Forums

There are countless online forums geared towards the business to business and wholesale sourcing industry. A lot of wholesalers and manufacturers advise on these forums to attract more business. Be sure to get involved and become active on the major ones, your ideal supplier may be waiting for you.

Forums are not only great for finding suppliers, but they’re also a major tool for researching them. What better way to determine if a company is legitimate or not than by connecting with others who have been there and done it? Here at Wholesale Frog, we have our own forum with a dedicated section for finding suppliers.

Other websites including Linkedin and Facebook are worth becoming active on. More and more suppliers are becoming active on these social giants, using PPC and other marketing techniques to attract buyers to their pages.

Attend Trade Shows

There’s no better way to build a solid business than by meeting with manufacturers and wholesalers face to face. Trade shows give you the opportunity to do this. Both established and new companies attend trade shows to demonstrate their new products or services.

One quick Google search will pull up a list of trade shows that are happening in or around your area.

Use a Wholesale Directory

Wholesale directories are one of the most popular ways of finding suppliers. These websites compile a list of the best wholesalers into one easy to use database. Users can browse via keywords and categories to find suppliers that suit their specific needs.

In fact, here at Wholesale Frog, we have our very own free to use wholesale directory which is packed full of legitimate suppliers from all different locations. With handy filters and search features, it literally only takes a few seconds to find ones that suit your needs.

Click here to check out our directory.

Final Thought

These 6 methods are among the best for finding wholesale suppliers to start sourcing profitable products from. However, no matter which option you try, always be sure to do your research on the suppliers before getting involved with them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and research is the key to staying safe, particularly when it comes on online based suppliers.

Click here to learn more about researching suppliers to ensure they’re legitimate.

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